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Oct 24

What About Me!

The Talmud relates that the Torah preceded the creation of the world by many years. The Kabalah – the source of our mystical teachings – relates that when G-d was ready to create the world He peered into the Torah using it as a blueprint for creation. When G-d gave us the Torah He commanded …

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Oct 04

Distinction & Purpose!

When someone or something is given a name or title, he or it is given an identity and a certain reality. The Torah states that during the seven days of creation of the world G-d specifically called or named six things: Light, night (darkness), the waters, the sky, the earth and Adam – man. After …

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Sep 26

Its Very Good

(Torah Portion Beraishis) It’s Very Good! As we are set to begin the new yearly cycle of the weekly Torah reading, one may wonder what is the purpose of reviewing the Torah again and again? Is there more to Torah then the average book that is read once, maybe twice and then put away with …

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Sep 19

Precious Letters

(Torah Portion Beraishis) Precious Letters!  This Shabbos we begin reading Beraishis, the first portion of the Torah and starting a year of weekly public readings of the Torah which we will finish next Simchas Torah. The Torah makes every one of us responsible to become proficient in the Torah through its study. One popular regimented …

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Sep 15

Read It

(Torah Portion Beraishis ) Read It! I had a friend who was much older I was. He was very sharp, determined and a bit stubborn. From time to time we would discuss…well…much more like argue over Torah concepts, such as, belief in G-d, and the authenticity of our G-d given Torah. Our discussions would inevitably …

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