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Mar 14


Our Sages teach us that when the month of Adar comes around we should increase our Simcha – our happiness and joy! The dictate instructs us to increase our joy in Adar – which implies that we are to always maintain some level of joy. The Baal Shem Tov comments that in order for one …

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Mar 07

Three Words!

The word HaMishkan, which refers to the Tabernacle, is mentioned in the opening verse of this week’s portion. It is immediately followed again by the word Mishkan. Since every letter of the Torah is sacred why is this word repeated? The great commentator, Rashi, explains that the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, built by the Jews in …

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Feb 27

Love’s Got to do With It!

Unfortunately, anti- Semitism is on the rise – and sadly, it’s raising its ugly head throughout the world.  Hate is an awful thing and one has to be blind and deaf not to notice it. But from where does this hatred toward us stem? The Torah relates that Aisav, the brother of our forefather Yaacov, …

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Feb 21

24 Years!

Torah Portion: Ki Sisah  Exodus 30:11 – 34:35 The Tablets that contained the Ten Commandments are discussed in this week’s Parsha. Moshe descended Mount Sinai with sapphire Tablets that originated in the Heavens. The Torah describes the script as, “engraved with G-d’s finger.” This script was miraculous, for even though it was carved through and …

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Feb 14


In the beginning of the Megilla of Esther it describes the decor, draperies, pillars and ambiance of the king’s palace. One of the materials mentioned is, Chur, which begins with the letter Ches. This letter Ches is traditionally written in a larger font. The Rokaech enlightens us with the deeper meaning of the large Ches. …

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Feb 07


This week’s Torah portion deals with the construction of the Tabernacle in the desert. At the beginning of the portion G-d commands Moshe to instruct the Jewish people to wholeheartedly contribute to Him. Moshe then specified the materials to be contributed. Finally, Moshe told them that the campaign was for the construction of a Temple. …

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Jan 31


When the average person thinks of what it takes to be holy, I imagine that they think of the Himalayan Mountains where one can be alone, be one with themselves, nature and a Higher Power, and able to meditate. Holiness is perceived as an abstract exercise. However, the word Kadosh – holy ― appears often …

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Jan 24


The other week, I was sitting with family members at the dinner of my niece’s wedding, when an unfamiliar man stood near our table looking for a place to sit, we invited him to sit with us and he introduced himself as the father of the bride’s good friend. In the course of our conversation, …

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Jan 17

Blank Space!

At the conclusion of the Torah reading in the synagogue someone is honored with lifting the Torah. He lifts it up and spreads it out so that at least three columns of the sacred writing are shown to the congregants. When the congregation sees the script they recite two verses of the Torah beginning with, …

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Jan 10

Take Notice!

  Darkness, the ninth plague that G-d sent upon the Egyptians was different from all the other plagues insofar as there was nothing that was created differently or altered – darkness just descended. The Medrash gives us two reasons why G-d brought the plague of darkness upon the Egyptians. 1) There were Jews in Egypt …

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