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Feb 13


Our Parsha is host to the narrative of the colossal one-time event when G-d appeared at Mount Sinai and proclaimed the Ten Commandments in the presence of the entire Jewish Nation. Rashi, quoting the Medrash, explains some of the verses related to the Revelation. The nation saw – means that all the blind were healed. …

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Feb 06

Designer Walls!

One of the greatest miracles in history was that G-d split the Red Sea for the Jewish people to allow them to pass through safely. The sea then drowned the remnant of the Egyptian army. The Torah relates that after this colossal event our leader Moshe led the Jews in a song of thanks to …

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Jan 30


G-d created within us a Yetzer Harah – our evil inclination – that works tirelessly to stir up our inner passion and wild side. It encourages us to have a rebellious and anti-establishment attitude, to become naysayers and doubters, and for us to loathe religion and break rules. G-d placed the evil inclination within us …

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Jan 16

We Are One!

The Pharoh of Egypt decreed that all male newborn babies be thrown in the Nile to drown. The Torah then relates that Amram and Yocheved, a couple from the Tribe of Levi, had a son, who would eventually become known as Moshe. They recognized immediately that their baby was special because the whole house was …

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Jan 08

Bless You!

The Torah relates that before our forefather Yaacov died, he called in his sons to confer a blessing on every one of them. Yaacov also took this opportunity to reprove the children who had acted in ways he did not approve. Our Sages tell us that Yaacov, as well as our leaders Moshe and King …

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Jan 02

Huge Celebration!

Yesterday, on the first of January, in the North American Continent alone, hundreds of thousands of Jews in more than 100 cities convened to take part in a celebration of the Siyum Hashas which occurs once every seven and a half years. This celebration marks the completion of a cycle of learning the entire Babylonian …

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Dec 26

The Best Way!

The Holiday of Chanukah was established by our Sages to commemorate the miraculous victory of the Macabbees over the massive Greek army which enabled the Jews to regain their religious freedom and reclaim the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Once they entered the Temple, the Macabbees, who were Kohanim – Priests, wished to fulfill the Mitzvah …

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Dec 16


The Torah portion relates the story of Yosef dreaming that he would rule over his brothers. Feeling that his dreams were prophetic, he shared them with his brothers. His brothers did not perceive them as prophetic and felt that the content of the dreams reflected Yosef’s interest in ruling over them. They also were upset …

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Dec 12


The Torah relates that Yaacov wanted to marry Rochel, the daughter of Lavan, but being aware of Lavan’s sly and devious nature, he suspected that Lavan would likely switch Rochel with her older sister Leah at the wedding ceremony, so he drew up a contract with Lavan specifying his desire to marry his younger daughter …

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Dec 05

The House!

The Talmud relates that Rebbe Elazar pointed to the verse in the Book of Isaiah, “Let’s ascend the mountain of G-d to the house of the G-d of Yaacov,” and asked, “Why does Isaiah call the Temple in Jerusalem the house of the G-d of Yaacov and not the G-d of our other forefathers, Avraham …

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